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Who We Are

rooted in love, curiosity and play.


Kim McSwain

She has committed her life to Changing Lives. And she will change yours. 

She first joined Adrenaline on the convention circuit before being picked up by the largest dance convention in the world, JUMP. For six years, Kim taught everything from ballet and jazz to hip hop to thousands of students a week. After that experience, Kim joined NUVO as the Children’s Director. Focusing on technical development, she gained a reputation for inspiring young dancers to be more than excellent performers, but also to be excellent people.

The longer she taught, the more other instructors wanted to learn from her. In city after city, Kim’s teacher seminars drew huge crowds as she motivated countless instructors to be the best educator and role model they could be for their students. Additionally, many of her own students have gone on to achieve incredible success, working with some of the most talented artists in the dance and film industry.

These experiences led Kim to retire from the convention circuit to focus on the success of Changing Lives. Kim now travels across the country working directly with studios to educate their faculty and implement her teaching philosophy, along with speaking engagements, parent seminars, and business consulting.

Listen to Kim's Episode on The Dance Podcast below!


Calen Kurka

Calen is relentlessly committed to your journey as an artist, instructor and choreographer.

He is inspired by and who so honestly give of their talent and themselves. He continues to create work pushing new movement, strong technique, honesty, emotional commitment, and growth. It is an evolutionary journey with no boundaries, no limits, no ends. 

Currently on faculty at Broadway Dance Center in New York City, as an instructor Calen has taught across Canada, the U.S. and Japan, and more recently in Ireland at Dublin's Dance Jam '07. He is currently instructing for Dance Masters of America as one of their Master Faculty, and is also on faculty with Dance Educators of America. His choreography has been recognized as outstanding at many competitions throughout the U.S. and Canada, and has been the recipient of many awards. In addition to teaching in and around New York he's also assisted choreographer, director, instructor, Michele Assaf.

Learn more about Calen here:


Lauren Ritchie

Lauren is rooted in community and fiercely dedicated to connecting whole-hearted dancers and teachers. 

She is an Accredited ICF Coach and Dance Educator. Combining her degree in Professional Communications with her passion for the dance community, Lauren created The Dance Podcast; a series of interviews dedicated to inspire and educate dancers and teachers as they navigate the journey to excellence in the studio, on a professional job and in life.

In the studio, Lauren educates young artists on the physical, emotional and mental intricacies of dance. She has combined fundamental dance technique with proven strategies from Sport Psychologists, Dance Physiotherapy Specialists and industry leaders . Lauren develops programs and opportunities that allow dancers to reach their highest potential. 

Lauren speaks about her love for the reTREAT here:


Chris Hale

Inspired and dedicated to construct and optimize the body and movement. 

As a instructor, Chris continues to create work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance and hopefully bring it to the mainstream in a way that is accessible to everyone.

With more than four years experience with the GYROTONIC®  methodology has hugely influenced his teaching and brought a heightened awareness to his own dancing. Chris is certified in GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® methodologies. Chris is an ABT® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through level 5 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.

Learn more about Chris here:


Anna Vollmar

Innovated and passionately curious, Anna will rock your world. 

Anna’s passion for body awareness and biomechanics led her to study at the respected Kane School of Core Integration where she is fully certified in mat and equipment Pilates, and will now be a Teacher Trainer for the school.  Her training is specialized with information in anatomy, biomechanics, touch therapy, and experience with all populations of people in addition to dancers.

Anna is proficient in contemporary, ballet, classic jazz technique, lyrical, and conditioning for dancers, and additional experience in pointe, musical theatre, tap, hip hop, modern. Her training in Pilates, Gyrokinesis, and yoga are fused into her warm-up and choreographic style. No matter what country Anna has visited, she has seen that the language of movement is universal and experiencing movement with others drives her passion for both teaching and for learning



“Kim has brought a level of confidence to our staff and kids that is beyond what we knew was possible.” –Studio Director

"Lauren is constantly thriving to push students beyond their barriers and help them explore what they can offer. Her attention to detail and performance is admirable, and her passion is magnetic. She is a true gift to the world of dance." - Dance Educator

"Calen ignites new perspectives on dance, creativity , and connection to self. His classes remind me why I love dance and what it means to be an authentic teacher." - Dance Educator




This is a story rooted in love and connection.

We started out as a young, frosted tips, “braces & bangs” bffs - training our butts off and seeking to surround ourselves with those who lifted us up and pushed us to new levels within our artistry. The theme remains the same - the hair has changed… thank God.

Our insatiable thirst for information and commitment to breaking down boundaries has led us here. Building out this curriculum. Challenging every Dance Teacher to go deeper within their knowledge. Inviting every Dance Teacher to go deeper within themselves.