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This years 3 day event has a brand new FLOW of exploring, learning and creating!

We are committed to showing up for our students as OUR BEST so they can be THEIR BEST.

We are endlessly curious about new INFORMATION and techniques within Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. The science of our bodies. The mental skills required for more resilient, confident and creative dancers. How we can cross-reference disciples to make our classrooms more efficient.

We want to be able to APPLY and try out all the new tools in our tool belt to see what feels right for us to bring it into our classes.

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The 3 Day Breakdown

What is teaching without passion?  Learning without interest?  Application without drive? 

And most importantly, without an understanding of who we are and why we love to do what we do, how are we truly able to connect these ideas and peak the excitement and interest our students?

In 2019 the Dance Teacher reTREAT continues investigate and develop what it takes to move forward as an instructor with a clear foundation to support our students and nurture growth.  This years reTREAT is has evolved into a cohesive 3 day program to support the understanding and individual passion of our attendees.  To bring clarity and intention to how we learn new materials and develop a skill for sharing, the days are split into 3 phases, each one a stepping stone for the next.


As we maneuver through Day 1 we are in exploration of the ultimate YOU.  Who are YOU, and what has brought YOU to where you are.  We reIGNITE our passion, and reCONNECT with our original joy and excitement as artists and understanding our own unique leadership in our community.  


With a clear mind and centered heart, Day 2 takes us through structured learning of material and assessment of skill.  From concepts to exercises and ideas in artistic cultivation, these classes focus on information and the understanding of application.


Day 3 tackles pedagogy.  With a centered sense of who we are as leaders and our own practice of information and tools, we can support the APPLICATION of our information feeling empowered and excited to divulge and connect with our community for fellow teachers.  This is about information and teaching as a means of play and curiosity and refining who we are within the work.

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