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Choose Your  Track!

Teacher Track:

reCONNECT with your purpose and passion for teaching and take part in this opportunity to reDISCOVER who YOU are, and walk away with an experience to see dance, your studio, and your teaching from a new perspective.  The Teacher reTREAT was designed as a two day workshop meant to reSTORE your mind and body, reFILL your creative well, and gain new information and awareness surrounding the environment you create for you and your dancers.  The Teacher reTREAT takes a cohesive approach to training the mind. body, and creative spirit, putting tools into practice from one class to the next with the understanding that who we are carries through in every experience and relationship we create with those around us.  With the belief that training needs to be addressed from a holistic place, sculpting the entire dancer from movement mechanics to a self aware understanding in focused training, we can train more mindful, connected, and creative dance artists.

Concepts touched upon over 2 days include:  The importance of proper alignment and finding it, functionality of the body, what is placement and how to identify it, mindset and mapping progress, cross training and conditioning the body, movement generation, cultivating artistry, choreography and improvisational systems.


1 Day only (saturday) Track

The 1-Day track offers teachers and assistants an opportunity to participate in the first day of the Teacher reTREAT.  Teachers the opportunity to connect with each of our incredible faculty members, participate in the beginning conversations and ideas on the concepts, tools, and techniques offered throughout the two-day reTREAT, and share in conversation and space with Kim McSwain.  


Whether you’re taking in the full two day experience, or dropping in for the first day experience, you’re participating in an experience that will reFILL your creative mind, and help you reDISCOVER your love for teaching before you begin your studio’s season.